The client

Kitap Kitapi, is a phrasebook and language learning app for both web and mobile. It aims to teach language to the Greek and Turkish minorities in Cyprus.


The brief

Develop a language learning phrasebook, allowing the learner to listen to each phrase through the web or mobile. Expand this phrasebook to also have a language learning capabilities. This project was won through public tendering. This UN project is managed by the HCNM (High Commissioner on National Minorities) which is part of the OSCE.

The solution

We completed the initial part of the project in Laravel and developed a mobile application for iOS and Android using Ionic. The client (OSCE) decided to expand the features of the project by developing a mobile language learning app, similar in features, to those found in Duolingo. Jensen Technologies was also selected to develop this application. The mobile application is available in English, Turkish, and Greek and allows language learners to learn Cypriot Greek and Cypriot Turkish languages using 4 different methodologies such as vocabulary expansion, reading, and listening exercises.

Services provided

Web Development
Performance & Security
Integration & Migration

Technologies used

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