Universidad de Granada

The client

Granada University


The brief

Develop a mobile app and website that allows the structured management of artists, artworks, galleries and exhibitions throughout Spain. Implement a “scan artwork” functionality in the mobile app that will recognise the artwork and instantly pull up information in the above mentioned categories.

The solution

This project centers around the ability to take a photo of and recognize a given painting hanging in any one of hundreds of galleries throughout spain. We used the pastec.io api against an existing database of thousands of images to recognize the artwork. Ionic was chosen to simultaneously develop the IOS and Android apps. The companion website, built completely in Angular, allows artists to register and manage their works as well as a browsable and searchable interface for the whole art collection. This project is in the final stages of development and has been part of a Ph.D. degree granted by Universidad de Granada.

Services provided

App Development
Web Development
Web & UX Design
Integration & Migration

Technologies used

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